District A


Monica Riley

Monica Riley is known as “Mountain Movn Monica” for her zealous efforts to champion against the odds. She has the tenacity, integrity, and unwavering ability to accomplish good business development and economic growth for the City of Missouri City, be effective, and create visible change in the community. She markets a message of love and unity for the entire City. She listens to the concerns of the residents and families and responds with strong, yet positive, focus to bring resolutions. As a true servant leader, she takes the necessary action for what is right and what is best for “We the People”. Monica has always been a dependable and well-respected voice. 

Raised in the District A area and a homeowner for more than 20 years in that district, Monica knows the needs of this community. She has advocated for Missouri City communities for more than two decades. She is a former HOA board member and participant in the BLOCK Grant Beautification Project for Grand Park/Texas Parkway. Monica has worked with 22 community organizations and institutions across Fort Bend County. She brings a unique understanding of and perspective on how Missouri City operates, from the inside out. 

Monica Riley is a believer in God and a professing Christian. She is a proud wife and mother of seven children, all who were raised in District A. Over the years, she has mentored more than 600 Missouri City students. She is also a local business owner in mass media marketing and political consulting, a radio station general manager, a radio personality, and a public figure in the community and among celebrities. 

Monica was elected as the City Council District A member on December 11, 2021 and was sworn into office on December 20, 2021.

Recent Community Service

  • 2019 Graduate of Missouri City Mayor Citizens Academy 
  • Served on the Gulf Coast Workforce Commissions Board for three years
  • Served as an Inaugural member & Vice Chair of the Fort Bend County District Attorney Citizens Engagement Group Board for 3 years  
  • Fort Bend County Precinct 2 Constable Advisor
  • Former HOA Board Member
  • BLOCK Grant Beautification Project – Missouri City, Grand Park/Texas Parkway
  • Business/Community Partner – Marshall HS, Willowridge HS, Hunters Glen Elementary, Hunters Glen Early Literacy Center, Glover Elementary, E.A. Jones Elementary, Stafford Early Childhood Center
  • 21-Year Recognized Community Leader – worked with 22 organizations and institutions across Fort Bend County 
  • Houston Community College – Community Partner for four years
  • Instrumental in the advocating for three Early College Programs: Hightower HS, Marshall HS, Willowridge HS
  • Provide meals, resources, hygiene materials and sponsorships for Missouri City senior citizens, single parents, and students
  • Mentored more than 600 Missouri City students 

Current City Council Committee Memberships

  • Community Development Advisory Committee 
  • Texas Parkway/Cartwright Corridor Development Advisory Committee
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