Development Services Director

Otis T. Spriggs, A.I.C.P

Otis has served as the Director of Development Services with the City of Missouri City since July 25, 2016. He has a background in Architecture and a love for “people” which has prepared him for the position he holds today. He enjoys having a positive influence on the physical built environment and of course-making communities more livable. He enjoys both eating and cooking Louisiana cuisines, and his perfected specialty is Louisiana Pralines. Otis loves traveling and plans to continue conquering many places internationally.


Otis worked in Cincinnati, Ohio for 7 years in the field of Architecture, served 10 years in the area of Community Planning in Ohio, and later spent 10 years in Jonesboro, Arkansas, as Planning Director. Otis is also a member of the American Planning Association, and the American Institute of Certified Planners.


Otis is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he received a Bachelor of Architecture Degree at Southern University, Baton Rouge campus. He received his Masters in Community Planning at the College of D.A.A.P., University of Cincinnati, OH.