Citizens' University

MCCU 2014 Graduation

Missouri City Citizens' University (MCCU)

To keep in line with community engagement and outreach initiatives, Missouri City invites residents to participate in an expanded Citizens’ University. During the 10 session program, participants meet with City staff members to learn about the inner workings of Missouri City, go on field trips, take tours and view City projects in process.

The program was rolled out in 2013 as a way for residents to see how Missouri City operates and to allow them to share their input and feedback with City officials. It also provides an “inside look” into Missouri City government and an opportunity for residents to talk with Staff members who build budgets, construct capital projects, plan for growth, help our City remain green, emphasize fitness first and keep neighborhoods safe. And, City Staff has utilized this popular program as a way to connect with community members who want to branch out beyond being a leader in their individual neighborhoods and become more involved with City services and programs.

Upcoming Session

Deadline to submit an application is Thursday, July 22:  APPLY NOW

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