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Happening in Missouri City

Posted on: February 21, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Recently, staff received additional inquiries regarding Missouri City’s extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) and annexation. To address residents’ queries, City staff has compiled a list of frequently asked questions in relation to this topic:

  1. What is an ETJ?

    An ETJ, or extraterritorial jurisdiction, is the unincorporated area located within three and a half miles of the boundaries of a city with a population of 50,000 to 99,000. Sienna Plantation, Sienna Point, and portions of Riverstone are examples of neighborhoods in Missouri City’s ETJ. A map of Missouri City’s ETJ’s can be viewed on the City website.

  2. What is the Sienna Plantation Joint Development Agreement (the “Sienna Agreement”) and when did it go into effect?

    In 1996, Missouri City entered into the Sienna Agreement with the owners of property to be known as “Sienna Plantation”. As part of the agreement, Missouri City has the right to annex land within Sienna Plantation. Currently, some commercial areas are within Sienna Plantation, but most commercial areas that serve Sienna Plantation are within the City. Most residential areas of Sienna are within Sienna Plantation. Some residential areas, such as certain apartments that serve Sienna Plantation, are within the City limits. By creating this agreement, Missouri City officials ensured that this part of the ETJ was not on the City’s property tax rolls to encourage and spur the area’s residential development. There have been nine amendments to the agreement since it was first signed. As a result of its success, the original boundaries for Sienna Plantation have nearly doubled.

  3. What property taxes do Sienna residents pay to the City?
    1. Property owners in the ETJ do not pay Missouri City property taxes. Except for services provided, Missouri City also does not receive any percentage of Municipal Utility District (MUD) tax revenue.
    2. Most commercial properties that serve Sienna Plantation are in the City.
  4. How are fire services provided to Sienna residents?

    Sienna Plantation has a fire protection agreement with the City of Missouri City wherein the City’s Fire & Rescue Services Department provides services at the same level as those received by City residents. These costs are reimbursed by Sienna MUD No. 1 at actual-cost level. The Sienna Agreement provides for audits to ensure that the City is conducting these services at actual-cost and not for profit.

  5. When may Sienna Plantation or parts of Sienna Plantation be annexed into the City?

    The circumstances in which Sienna Plantation or parts of Sienna Plantation may be annexed into the City include, but are not limited to, the following: in the event 90 percent of a Sienna Plantation MUD has been developed with water, wastewater, and drainage facilities and the developer has been reimbursed by the Sienna MUD in accordance with state law; when land is developed as a major commercial area; and in the event of a bona fide effort to incorporate a municipality that includes any portion of Sienna.

  6. What will happen when Sienna is annexed by Missouri City?

    Any area annexed into the City of Missouri City will pay City taxes, will no longer pay MUD taxes, and will begin receiving City services such as Police, Code Enforcement, and Public Works maintenance of infrastructure. The City intends to consider the financial feasibility of annexing a Sienna MUD before such MUD is annexed into the City.

  7. Are all areas in the ETJ subject to the Sienna Agreement?

    No. Some areas in the ETJ are not subject to the Sienna Agreement. Areas that are not subject to the Sienna Agreement may be annexed in accordance with other applicable agreements and state law (i.e. by petition of the land owner, in accordance with a strategic partnership agreement, etc.).

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