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How do I dispose of yard waste?
Yard waste will be collected once a week. You may utilize your own containers or place the yard waste in compostable bags.

WCA Solid Waste Services

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1. Who does the new curbside collection program affect?
2. Will my cost be changing?
3. What is the default cart size?
4. Why can’t I continue to use my existing trash containers?
5. What are the benefits of using roll carts for the collection of trash and recycling?
6. What is the cost for getting a cart and maintenance cost for the carts?
7. What if I want an extra cart?
8. How do the new carts get serviced each week?
9. What can be recycled in my cart?
10. Do I have to sort the recyclables in the new carts?
11. What if I can’t roll my cart to the curb, due to health reasons?
12. What if I have an issue regarding my trash or recyclables services?
13. When do I have to have my carts put out for service and put them away after service?
14. How do I dispose of yard waste?