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1. How do I find a lost pet?
2. How do I get a street light fixed?
3. How do I get my car registration / tags?
4. How do I pay for an Alarm Permit?
5. How do I pay a court fine or citation?
6. How do I find out what company picks up my trash?
7. How do I find my water company?
8. How do I find scores for restaurants in the City?
9. How do I find out the top code violations or report a code violation?
10. How do I find out about crime in my community?
11. How do I schedule a tee time for Quail Valley Golf Course and see a list of fees?
12. How do I find information on vehicle registration?
13. How do I view City Council Meetings online?
14. How do I view City news and events?
15. How do I view the City's annual budget?