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House Watch

  1. To assure you receive the service you anticipate, please follow these guidelines:

    The House Watch Program is available for a minimum of three days and no longer than three weeks.

    Submit this online Monday through Friday (no holidays) and at least 2 days prior to your departure, but no more than 7 days prior. For emergency service, please call 281.403.8700.

  2. Is the location numbered?*

  3. Will there be lights on?*

  4. Are the lights on a timer?*

  5. Will any vehicles be left at the residence?*

  6. Will anyone in town have a key?*

  7. Will any pets be left at the residents? *

  8. Does this house have an alarm system?*

  9. Is the property gated?*

  10. Is this home used as your primary residence?*

  11. (i.e., the gardener comes every Tuesday at 2:00 pm and leaves by 5:00 pm):

  12. PLEASE NOTE: The House Watch Program was designed to help protect unoccupied homes while Missouri City homeowners are away on business or travel.

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