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Acceptable Materials
Recycling CenterRecyclable Items
The Missouri City Recycling Center is located adjacent to the City Hall complex at 1919 Scanlin Road. There are two different containers available for recycling. Please prepare your recycles with the guidelines below and place your items in the correct container.

Green Container
Mixed Paper
newspapers, catalogs, magazines, mail & office paper
collect and recycle in bundled, tied or recycled grocery bags (please shred sensitive materials, the city does not provide this service)
Cardboard crushed cardboard
flatten to conserve space

Blue Container
clear and colored glass
rinse out (it is not necessary to sort colors or remove labels)
all clear, white and colored plastics/any plastic stamped with #1-5 & 7 (styrofoam, packing peanuts and foam food containers are not accepted)
remove all lids and rings and flatten to conserve space (it is not necessary to remove labels)
Aluminum, Steel & Tin
All tin and steel cans, trays and other household product containers
must be rinsed out (it is not necessary to remove labels)

Additional Information
For further general recycling information and additional drop-off locations, please visit Earth 9-1-1.