Did You Know?

The "Did You Know" feature allows MCTX residents, businesses and stakeholders to learn key facts on current initiatives or projects including but not limited to Events, Accolades, Budget, Tax Rate, Public Safety, Capital Improvement Projects, Economic Development, Hot Topics and more. 

2020 Early Voting Ends Today

DYK 10.30.20

Fort Bend County  |  Harris County

2020 Election: Mail In Ballot Drop Off

DYK 10.19.20

Resources: Fort Bend County |  Harris County |  www.votetexas.gov 

2020 Elections: Voter RegistrationDYK 10.1.20

Resources: www.votetexas.gov |  Fort Bend County |  Harris County

FY 2021 Budget: Contractual Services

DYK 9.24.20

Review Breakdown Summary for Contractual Services
This section in the FY2021 budget lists the potential contractual services for all departments and non-departmental areas including the CARES Act funds, beautification projects and more. (pages 387-390 of FY 2021 Budget).

Civil Service SystemDYK 9.18.20

To learn more about the 2020 Special Election and Civil Service System, Click Here