Watershed Master Plan Update


The purpose of this watershed master plan update is to review specific flood-related information that can be used by the City staff in activities related to flood risk preparedness, planning and flood response during emergencies. The scope of this update will also include opportunities for stakeholder input. This includes entities that have drainage roles and responsibilities (such as the Levee Improvement Districts and Municipal Utility Districts) and the citizens of Missouri City.

Citizen Drainage Concern Map

With this map residents can place a pin drop on any location that is a drainage concern for their neighborhood and add a brief description of the issue. There is also an option to add recently taken pictures that illustrate the issue(s) as well. This information will be sent to the watershed master plan consultant. And, these responses will be used to identify areas for further study and/or future drainage improvements. 

To mark areas of drainage concern, click this link:  Drainage Concern Map 

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Shashi Kumar

    Director of Public Works/City Engineer

  2. Todd Hoover

    Assistant Director

  3. Jeremy Davis

    Assistant City Engineer