Landlord & Mortgage Company Enrollment

Coronavirus Rental, Mortgage and Utilities Assistance Program
Landlord and Mortgage Enrollment Program [PDF]

Due to the economic impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Missouri City is requesting landlords and mortgage companies to participate in the Rental, Mortgage and Utility Assistance Program.

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Participants will benefit from the following:

  • Direct rent payment to the landlord for eligible and approved Coronavirus impacted tenants, OR
  • Direct payment to the mortgage company for eligible and approved Coronavirus homeowners.

We request your participation in this special COVID-19 rental and mortgage assistance program. To do so you must:

  • Be in good standing with the City, County and State of Texas;
  • Agree to accept rent or mortgage payment directly from the Missouri City, and charge no penalties or fees; and
  • Agree to refrain from initiating any eviction process for the month(s) the tenant has applied for assistance or to rescind any such process that is underway.

*** NOTE: Rental and Mortgage monthly payments made under the program will not exceed $2,000.00 without approval***
For more details and inquiries, reach out to the call center at 281.403.8690 beginning Monday, Sept. 28.

Resources: W9 Form