Code of Conduct

IMG_5899The Missouri City Parks and Recreation Department expects all users of City facilities to be of good character, and to treat others honestly, fairly and with integrity. These values are key to supporting the mission of the Parks and Recreation Department. The Missouri City Parks and Recreation Code of Conduct applies to all users in all situations that relate directly or indirectly to City Parks, Facilities, Events and Recreation programs. Recreation staff reserves the right to seek enforcement of violations of the Code of Conduct to the fullest extent applicable by law.

Respect for All Persons

  • Respect other participants and City staff.
  • Cooperate or assist City staff in maintaining safety, order and discipline.
  • Demonstrate courtesy even when others do not.
  • Behave in a responsible manner, always exercising self-discipline.
  • Do not engage in any behavior that would endanger the health, safety or well-being of others.
  • Do not engage in unacceptable behavior; to include: use of profanity, obscene gestures, arguing, or other disruptive conduct or encourage others to do so.
  • Do not engage in physical abuse, threats or harassment.

Respect for All Properties

  • Respect the property of others, including City property and facilities.
  • City facilities belong to the community, ensure that the next participant has the opportunity to enjoy a safe, clean and enjoyable experience.

Respect for All Equipment

  • Do not attempt to break or misuse City equipment or fixtures.
  • Contact the Parks and Recreation Department to report equipment in need of repairs or replacement.

Respect for the Environment

  • Dispose of waste properly, consider the impacts of improperly disposed of waste on other people, water and wildlife.
  • Leave what you find in order to give others the opportunity to experience a sense of discovery by leaving rocks, plants, and other natural objects of interest as you find them.
  • Avoid damaging live trees and plants.
  • Be respectful of wildlife through quiet observation. Do not disturb, harass or attempt to feed wild animals.