Missouri City Parks Foundation


Meetings are called on an as-needed basis. 


The Parks Foundation Members consist of members appointed by City Council. Current members include:

Board MemberPositionTerm Expiration Date 
James Davidson, Jr.Position 16/30/2024
Anthony SnipesPosition 26/30/2024
E. Joyce IyamuPosition 36/30/2024
Tom S. NIcholsPosition 46/30/2024
Julia HardyPosition 56/30/2024
Debbie PoncikPosition 66/30/2024
VacantPosition 76/30/2024
VacantPosition 86/30/2024
VacantPosition 96/30/2024
Alice AanstoosPosition 106/30/2024
VacantPosition 116/30/2024
VacantPosition 126/30/2024
VacantPosition 136/30/2024
VacantPosition 146/30/2024
VacantPosition 156/30/2024

Board Functions

The Missouri City Parks Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation formed in 2016. Missouri City Parks Foundation supports Missouri City parks by providing funding from corporate grants and individual gifts.

New Candidate Application

If you are interested in serving the Missouri City Parks Foundation, please submit an application to the City and it will be directed to City Council for consideration.  

Should you have any questions, please contact the City Secretary's Office.

Missouri City Parks Foundation Website