2021 Proposed Bond Referendum

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2021 Bond Flyer - Revised 9.7.2021_Page_1

In keeping with the City’s goal of promoting transparency and public engagement, Missouri City hosted two Proposed Bond Referendum Open House meetings. 

Missed the Open House Meetings? 

In case you missed the two open house meetings on the Proposed Bond Referendum, please review the presentation and videos below to get the full scope of what was shared during those input sessions. 

  • Click link below to watch Special Report Video: 

Timeline of Actions

May 3City Council appointed the 2021 Bond Exploratory Committee. 
May - JuneCitizen Bond Committee to meet to create a proposal for City Council consideration.
June 29Open House by Citizen Bond Committee for the public to provide feedback.
July 15Citizen Bond Committee to prepare for July 22 Open House, prioritize projects.
July 22
Open House by Citizen Bond Committee for the public to provide feedback.
July 26Citizen Bond Committee to prepare for July 28 Joint Meeting with City Council.
July 28City Council will receive a presentation from Citizen Bond Committee at their Special Meeting, Council to hold a public hearing to receive feedback on the proposed projects and election during regular council agenda.
Aug. 2City Council presented final list of projects to take action  and vote to call for bond election on Nov. 2. If they are not ready, they have a meeting on Aug.16 and take action.
Aug. 16Last day to order a General Election or a Special Election on a Measure.
Sept. 16Open House to present facts on bond election items, different location.
Nov. 2Election Day

Who is on the 2021 Bond Exploratory Committee?


Patricia Arbuckle
Don Smith
Diane Maricio
Vivian Turner
Jenny Bailey
Rodney Griffin
Owen Matherne
Michael Watson
Charles Benton
Kim Hardison
Vickie McBride (vice-chair)
Angie Wierzbicki
Shad Bogany
Brandon Herndon
Howard Moline
Angie Young
Charles Butera
Barbara Johnson
Joanna Ouderkirk
Raymond Livingston
John Fletcher
Everett Land (Chair)
Jonathan Winfiele (vice-chair)
Sonya Giddings