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Small Business Advisory Committee

The Small Business Advisory Committee was established by City Council on March 1, 2021 in an effort to discuss and address issues impacting small businesses and how the City can serve as a liaison to them. The Committee consists of 15 members, including three small-business owners whose businesses are located in each of the city's four council districts. There will also be three resident members who can live in any part of the city. The city is defining the term "small business" according to the Small Business Administration's size standards, and franchise owners are allowed to serve. The Committee started meeting in August and their recommendations and work will be available on this page.

Shop Local Campaign

With Missouri City businesses working hard to recover from impacts of COVID-19, shopping local is more important than ever. Your friends, family, and neighbors own and operate these businesses. Our entire community needs them to stay afloat. Local shopping also generates sales taxes, a portion of which goes directly back to your community to fund essential government services such as the police, fire, and parks departments. When local sales are strong, we rely less on other revenue sources, which benefits us all. Learn More & Get Involved


  1. Herman Rodriguez

    Director of Economic Development