Art & Culture

Arts & Culture Commission

In 2021, the Arts & Culture Commission was appointed to advise and make recommendations regarding arts in public places and other matters of cultural significance. The Arts and Culture Commission plays a vital role in promoting and displaying public art of all forms and celebrating the various cultures that reside in Missouri City.

Arts in Public Places Master Plan

The City recognizes that public art and cultural celebration are essential components of a thriving community, a livable city, and a world-class destination. We are committed to developing and maintaining a high quality, sustainable public arts program that will benefit our current citizens and future generations. 

The purpose of the Arts in Public Places Program is to create an enhanced visual environment for City residents and visitors, to commemorate the City’s rich cultural diversity, integrate the work of artists into the into the development of the City’s capital infrastructure improvements, and promote tourism and economic vitality in the City through the artistic design of public spaces.