Traffic Box Art Project

The Arts & Culture Commission invites artists to submit designs for the chance to display an original art piece on a traffic signal box. The wrapped traffic boxes are located throughout Missouri City, enhancing and beautifying our landscape. This project also provides an opportunity for local artists to display their work in a public space. 

Selection Process

Submissions are open to artists of all ages, with preference given to Missouri City residents. Artists may submit one design. The Missouri City Arts & Culture Commission will select the winning designs based on creativity, aesthetic quality, and artistic merit. 

Selected designs will be displayed on the traffic signal box for a period of at least two years. Should damage occur to the box prior to that, the same design will be reinstalled. After two years, should the integrity of the wrap start to fade, damage to the box occur, or a new box be installed, a new design will be added to the box. 

The dimensions of the signal box are as shown in the image below: 

traffic signal box dimensions

Design & Submission Criteria

Artists should submit a digital design that can be converted to a digitally-printed wrap for vinyl printing. Only digital submissions will be accepted, and entries should be submitted in the following format: 

  • Photographs of paintings or works created by hand should be at least 4000 pixels. 
  • Digital work should be sent in vector files. 
  • High resolution PDFs are required. 

Using the design template in the application, please indicate where the proposed design would fit on each face of the traffic signal box. If it is the same image repeated on each side, please indicate that as well. 

  • All designs should be the original work of the artist. 
  • Designs should not include any trademarks, brands, or any sort of advertisements. 
  • The design should be created to flow across all faces of the box and reflect a unified work of art. 
  • The design should include little to no print, as it is distracting to drivers. 

Submissions are now being accepted for the 2023 Traffic Signal Box Project. Artists should Email Parks & Recreation Team the completed Application Form (PDF) and the proposed design. Design submissions will be accepted until April 17, 2023.