Annexation Questions & Answers

  1. City Services
  2. Zoning
  3. Public Safety
  4. Taxes,  Fees & Insurance
  5. Voting & City Offices
  6. School District, Post Office, Other Entities & Services
  7. Water & Sewer
  8. Infrastructure & Maintenance
  9. Single-Family Homes
  10. Businesses
  11. Annexation Process & Procedures
  12. Sienna Town Hall July 12

How will the City services compare to Sienna’s current services?

 The City will provide comparable municipal services.

  • Fire & Rescue services will remain unchanged and will primarily be served by the two Fire Stations in Sienna.
  • Sienna MUD 2 will have Missouri City Police Department police services in addition to the supplemental services provided by the area’s property association. Missouri City Police Department has access to various resources, including additional officers (more than 7), if needed.
  • Emergency medical services will continue to be provided by Fort Bend County, which provides such service throughout Missouri City.
  • Solid waste collection services will continue to be provided by the current provider.
  • Water and wastewater services will continue to be provided by the Sienna MUD 1. For information regarding your services, please call the operator at the following numbers:
    • Customer Service: 832-490-1600 or 877-382-7414 (toll free)
    • Emergency Repairs or service: 832-490-1601 or 877-382-7416 (toll free)
    • Main Office: 832-490-1500
  • The City has a street and sidewalk maintenance program as well as a reconstruction (capital improvement) program.  The City upon annexation will start assessing street and sidewalks and program them for potential rehabilitation or construction based on their condition.  This includes portions of Sienna Parkway located within the MUD 2 boundaries. 
  • Public Works will provide street sweeping services consistent with the current service level.
  • The City will maintain the current agreement with the master MUD, which includes mosquito spraying. Additional sprayings will be considered on an as needed basis.
  • Drainage ditch cleaning and regrading will be provided for public ditches on an as needed basis. The City will continue to provide private drainage ditch inspections by way of the current contract for the public purpose of monitoring drainage channels.
  • Maintenance of traffic signals and other traffic control devices (signs, roadway striping, etc.) and synchronization with other city traffic signals to improve mobility and efficiency.
  • Annexation will enable properties within the MUD 2 boundaries to be part of the City’s Community Rating System (CRS) program, which may provide eligibility for a discount of 15% on annual Flood Insurance Policy Premiums. 
  • City will pay utility bills for all public street lights and to the extent necessary will upgrade those lights to LED.
  • You will have access to other programs for the public benefit including city planning/zoning and development review, code compliance, and recreation programs.

What is the service plan for Sienna?

Will the City still annex Sienna without the $4 million?

  • The City is authorized by the 2001 strategic partnership agreement to annex Sienna MUD 2, regardless of the district’s funds.

How will the annexation benefit the Sienna residents?

  • The annexation will provide Sienna residents with access to a stellar police department, public works team for street and sidewalk services, and other services that are not currently provided by the MUD.

How will residents benefit economically from annexation as stated in the presentations given at the public hearings?

  • City residents may receive additional points in the submission of procurement bids to the City.
  • Improved Infrastructure including streets and roads.
  • Expanded Services – additional municipal services including police and fire protection, parks and recreational facilities and community programs.
  • Enhanced Economic Development – can attract new businesses to the region, a larger municipality contributes to more resources and a stronger tax base to support economic development.
  • Economies of Scale
  • Resident discounts on city facilities and programs.

­How will this annexation streamline governance?

  • Annexation can streamline government by consolidating administrative functions and resources. Instead of having multiple fragmented government bodies with separate bureaucracies, services, and regulations, annexation allows for a unified and coordinated approach to governance. This consolidation can lead to increased efficiency and effectiveness in delivering public services, managing infrastructure and implementing policies. Decision making process will also become more streamlined as it can result in quicker and more decisive action, especially for regional issues that require coordinated responses. Annexation also provides residents with enhanced political representation.