Common Code Concerns

See a problem on a property but don't know who you should it HOA, Code Enforcement, or someone else? Click on the tabs below to find out what kinds of problems are enforced by each entity.

  1. HOA
  2. Code Enforcement
  3. Police

HOA's are responsible for enforcing any rules and regulations provided for in the deed re­strictions respective to subdivision.

  • Weeds in flower beds
  • Grass/Lawn under 9 inches tall
  • Christmas lights on structures
  • Loud/bright paint color of home
  • Roof color
  • Location of swing set or tree swing
  • Maintaining or building of sound walls
  • Maintenance or repairs of community mailboxes
  • Maintenance or repairs of residential mailboxes
  • Street lights in gated communities or decorative street lights
  • Yard tools or home tools in yard
  • Window A/C units
  • "Junk" located in a vehicle
  • Personal flags on display
  • Statues in yard
  • Flower bed medians in subdivision