Fire Marshal

Responsibilities & Services

The Fire Prevention Division is under the direction of the Fire Marshal, who reports day-to-day activities directly to the Fire Chief. The division is responsible for conducting plan reviews of all new commercial construction projects. Additionally, this division is an integral part of the city’s development team and participates in all appropriate meetings and other activities that provide the citizens with one-stop permitting and coordination for new construction. 

The division conducts field inspections of all new commercial construction, and processes and reviews all applications for fire permits as directed by fire codes. In addition, the division is charged with conducting on-site fire inspections of all existing nonresidential occupancies to ensure compliance with local code and take appropriate enforcement measures to correct unsafe conditions. The division also receives and responds to citizen complaints and takes action to resolve these complaints within a reasonable time. 

Investigative Services

Another responsibility of the division is the investigation of every undetermined or incendiary fire occurring within the city. The division’s arson investigators, through final disposition of arrest and prosecution, investigate fires of criminal origin. The division is responsible for the investigation of all hazardous material incidents of spills, dumping or illegal use. The division is also responsible for the investigation of all illegal burning operations, fireworks violations, and juvenile fire setter activities.

The division conducts prospective employee background and personal history investigations for those applying to the Fire Department as well as administrative investigations when so directed by the Fire Chief.

All questions related to the Fire Prevention Division should be directed to the division’s hotline at 281-403-4311.