Fire Extinguishers

When used properly, portable fire extinguishers can save lives and property. Portable fire extinguishers can be used to extinguish small fires or contain a fire until the fire department arrives. Fire extinguishers are not designed to extinguish large or rapid growing fires and can be very dangerous in any situation for the untrained user.

You can try to use a fire extinguisher if you know the fire is small and confined and you keep a clear escape route; don’t let the fire get between you and the exit. If you have any doubt, exit the area immediately. If the fire becomes bigger from when you began, exit immediately, close the door behind you to contain the fire, and do not re-enter until the fire department grants permission.


  • Assume the fire is out (have the area inspected by a fire department personnel)
  • Attempt to extinguish a large or rapid growing fire
  • Fight fires if there is any doubt about the size or intensity of the blaze
  • Fight fires in a smoke-filled room
  • Fight fires without an escape route