Smoke Detectors

Importance of Smoke Detectors

The majority of fatal home fires occur at night while people are sleeping. In addition, the poisonous gases and smoke from a fire in your home will numb your senses in a very short time. Multiple statistics indicate that a smoke detector can decrease your chances of dying in a fire by up to 50%. With those statistics, a smoke detector is the cheapest life insurance policy you can buy.

The maintenance is simple and should include cleaning the detector with a vacuum cleaner as needed and to test it once a month. Along with the cleaning and testing you should change the battery at least once a year and replace the detector when it reaches ten years old. 

Where to Buy Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors may be found at various home improvement stores with cost starting around $8.00 per unit. There are many brands to choose from and personal research should be done prior to making a decision on which to buy.

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If you need assistance with the installation of smoke detectors you have acquired or just have a question, please feel free to call Missouri City Fire and Rescue Services at 281.403.4300 or complete the Fire Resource Request Form online.

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