Knox Box Program

Preparing For the Unexpected

The City of Missouri City participates in the Knox Box Program to ensure the safest and securest method of rapid entry into a business during an emergency.

The requirement for key boxes for commercial establishments comes from the International Fire Code, which is adopted as the Missouri City Fire Code. This provision requires a key box to contain a key or keys to allow emergency responders into a business during an emergency without causing property damage. This program has proven successful on multiple occasions and it is paramount that the keys in the box are changed every time the locks are changed.

Obtaining a Knox Box

To obtain a Knox Box for your establishment, please visit the Knox website to place your order; it is very important that you specify the jurisdiction as Missouri City Fire Prevention Bureau at checkout to receive the correct key box. You do not need an authorized signature to order your Knox Box in Missouri City. Please feel free to call the Missouri City Fire Marshal’s Office at 281.403.4311 if you have questions regarding the style of the key box, the mounting location, or to open the box to update the keys.