Home Security Inspections

The Home Security Inspections Program is intended to help homeowners reduce their insurance premiums by qualifying for a Texas Home Security Credit. Any homeowner may request an inspection of their residence by filling out and submitting the Request for Inspection form.

To qualify for a 5% premium credit:

  • The exterior doors of your home must be solid core doors which are 1-3/8" thick and be secured by deadbolts with a 1" throw. Metal doors must be secured by deadbolt locks, also.
  • Double doors must meet the above specifications and must have the inactive door secured by header and threshold bolts that penetrate metal strike plates. If there is glass located within 40 inches of the header and threshold bolts, the bolts must be flush-mounted in the edge of the door. Double doors offer more opportunity to jimmy open, or force, than single doors. They can be secured with flush level bolts installed in the edge of the door, top and bottom.
  • Dutch doors must have concealed flush-bolt locking devices to interlock upper and lower halves and must be secured by a deadbolt lock.
  • Garage doors must be equipped with key-operated locking devices. An electric garage door opener is a key-operated locking device.
  • Sliding glass doors must be secured by secondary locking devices to prevent lifting and prying.
  • Windows must be secured by auxiliary locking devices.
  • Numerous locking devices are available for sliding windows and doors. Those operated by keys are also effective.

To qualify for a 15% premium credit

  • All exterior structure openings are contacted. Contacts are hidden devices that detect the opening of protected windows and doors. When the contact is broken a signal will be sent to the central monitored dispatch center.
  • The alarm system includes an interior and exterior siren.
  • The homeowner must obtain a letter from the alarm company stating that all equipment is U.L. approved, monitored by a U.L. approved central station, and must be signed by a representative. The letter must state that sales, service, installation, and monitoring are done in compliance with the Private Security Agencies ACT Article 4413 (29bb) Vernon’s Texas Civil Statutes, and addressed to the insured with the correct address of the residence stated on the letter. All requirements must be met prior to the time of inspection and the letter is made available for review by the Crime Prevention Specialist.
  If your home fills the requriments, please fill out and submit the Request for Inspection form