Code Enforcement


The Development Services Department, Code Enforcement & Health Division provides proactive and reactive services to ensure compliance with property maintenance standards and improve the quality of neighborhoods. Services provided include:

  • Enforcement of locally adopted zoning laws and city codes including property maintenance, recreational vehicle parking and storage, zoning regulations, signs and home occupations; 
  • Nuisance abatement; and 
  • Partnerships with citizens and homeowner/property owner associations. 

Report Code Compliance Concerns

Report a code compliance concern via SeeClickFix

Reported code compliance concerns will be investigated by Code Enforcement staff within 2 business days to determine if a violation exists. If Code Enforcement staff determines that the concern consists of a violation that might cause a serious health or safety issue, the concern will be investigated the same business day that it is reported. 

If a violation is found by Code Enforcement staff, enforcement action will be taken. Enforcement action includes a progressive ladder that ranges from verbal notifications and warnings to written citations. 

If a violation deals with property maintenance, the property owner is responsible for compliance. A property owner is provided written notification with a specific timeframe to comply. 

If the violation deals with parking or sanitation, a vehicle owner or utility customer is responsible for compliance. Compliance timeframes can range from 10 days to 180 days for specific offenses. 

Occasionally, if a violation is severe, the city will correct the problem and bill the responsible party. Usually these types of violations deal with substances that are an immediate hazard to the public or the environment.
All enforcement actions that require warnings or enforcement letters are filed according to date and kept for the required timeframe as outlined by the state law. Citations are kept at Municipal Court under the same requirements. 

Municipal Solid Waste Program

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Be a Partner

Code Enforcement staff are here to work with you! You can help make Missouri City a better place to live, work and enjoy by following these steps to help resolve code compliance issues in your area: 

  • Report code compliance concerns. Please provide specific and detailed information including exact location or address and a complete description of the issue. 
  • Get involved by attending neighborhood association meetings.

Contact Us

If you have questions about a code compliance concern previously reported or about general code enforcement, please contact the Code Enforcement & Health Division at