Planning & Zoning


The Planning and Zoning Division is responsible for a variety of activities and initiatives related to the protection of property values and the responsible growth of the community. Among other duties, this division is the contact point for the following services:

Pre Development Meeting

Prior to the initiation of a new project, the city highly encourages potential applicants, developers, designers, and/or contractors to schedule a Pre Development Meeting. These informal meetings with relevant city staff will help you plan your project and be aware of city codes or local conditions that may affect your project. 

Missouri City Comprehensive Plan

Missouri City's vision for the future, the Comprehensive Plan, was adopted by the City Council on September 21, 2009. Residents' input influenced the design of the plan, which provides a guide to growth and development. Planning experts will review and update the plan every five years.

2017 Comprehensive Plan Update

The Comprehensive Plan was recently updated by our Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) (appointed by the Mayor and Council), who spent over 1 ½ years working with our consultants, though a series of public input and engagement meetings, where we allowed for citizen involvement during the planning process. Visit the City's web portal: for "Blueprints" for the City's growth and development and for the current Plan Update.


City maps such as the Future Land Use Plan or Current Zoning Map are located on the city's Geographic Information System (GIS) website.


The Planning and Zoning Division also maintains information related to census data, city demographics, and future growth projections. 

Contact Information

If you have questions, please contact Jennifer Thomas at 281.403.8547.