Courtroom Standards

Rules of Conduct & Court Decorum

  • Authority for rules

    • Under the inherent power and duty of all Texas courts, as codified in Section 21.002, Government Code, the following rules of conduct and decorum shall apply and govern any and all proceedings held before the Municipal Court of the City of Missouri City, Fort Bend County, in the state of Texas.
  • Conduct required of all persons while attending court:

    • If children are present in the courtroom, you must monitor their behavior so they remain quiet at all times. Parents may be asked to leave the courtroom if their child becomes noisy.
    • Hats should be removed before entering a courtroom.
    • Cell phones must be silenced or turned off.
    • No weapons will be permitted in the Municipal Court building or any other city building.
    • Appropriate attire is required for court appearance. Prohibited attire includes (but not limited to): shorts, tank tops, or spaghetti strap blouses.
    • Sit quietly in the courtroom while court is in session.