Criminal Traffic Trials

Minor Traffic Violations

The traffic citation you received includes a court date and time. By that time, you will need to decide how you want to plead to your violation. You may enter one of three possible pleas:

  • Guilty - This plea means that you admit you committed the violation stated on the complaint.
  • Nolo contendere / no contest - This plea means that you do not wish to contest the charge against you. You are allowing a judge to enter a finding of guilty against you without your admitting any guilt.
  • Not guilty - Not guilty pleas are only entered in open court. This plea means that you deny that you committed the violation stated on the complaint and that the state must prove its charges against you at a trial. If you received a citation with more than one charge, you will need to enter a plea for each charge. You are not required to enter the same plea for all charges.