Current Projects

Edible Arbor Trail

We are always happy to welcome business and organization sponsors to contribute to the Edible Arbor Trail. This award-winning trail features several groves of hardy trees and shrubs that produce edible fruits and nuts along Missouri City’s Oyster Creek Trail. For a full map of the trail, check out the Edible Arbor Trail Seasonal Picking Guide.

There are several sponsorship options to consider and several public relations opportunities available. If your business or organization would like to contribute towards this project or sponsor an entire grove please email To get started, please download the Edible Arbor Trail Sponsorship Brochure.

Current Sponsors

  • Apache Corporation - Mulberry grove
  • HGAC - Jujube grove
  • Kroger - Persimmon grove 
  • Quail Valley Church - Pomegranate grove
  • Tom & Regina Nichols - Nut tree grove, Pineapple Guava grove, Walnut grove
  • Riverstone Shopping Center - Fig grove
  • Hunter Baker (Troop 441)/CenterPoint Energy - Loquat grove
  • Fairmount Santrol - Pomegranate Grove
  • Fairmount Santrol - Plum grove
  • TXU Energy - Mexican plum grove
  • Quail Valley Garden Club - Golden Fig grove
  • TreeSearch Farms - Pear grove
  • Houston Area Urban Forestry Council - Kumquat grove
  • Missouri City Green - Narange Lemon grove, Olive grove
  • Quail Valley Golf Course - Pecan grove
  • Brightwater HOA - Satsuma grove
  • Union Pacific - Citrus grove
  • WCA - Plants for Flavor

Missouri City Tree Challenge

The Nichols Family of Quail Valley has generously offered to match their neighbor’s tree donations, for up to 50 trees at Missouri City Parks. Starting in the October 2017 planting season, trees will be planted at 7 city parks. Trees will average 6’-12’ tall at the time of planting. Our City Forester will select the appropriate species and location for each tree sponsored. For more information, or to participate in the tree challenge, please download a Missouri City Tree Challenge Application.

We are seeking individual sponsors to contribute towards the Missouri City Tree Challenge. If you are interested in sponsoring this project, please email our City Forester.