Fees, Charges & Deposits

Department Policies

  • City staff will be responsible for turning ball field lights on and off when reserved by the hour.
  • Reservations for lighted fields must be made in person at the Recreation and Tennis Center (2701 Cypress Point Drive, Missouri City, TX 77459), and payment must be made in order to reserve.    
  • Unlighted athletic facilities are also available for reservation by the hour.
  • Youth sport associations, as defined in the policy statement, utilizing lighted facilities will not be charged for use of the lights during the scheduled time period designated on the Athletic Facility Use Permit.
  • Youth sports associations will be assessed a $250 security deposit prior to the beginning of their designated use. The association will be held accountable for unauthorized or misuse of the lights and any damage to the fields due to play during inclement weather. The association agrees not to duplicate keys and any violation of this would be grounds for revocation of the athletic facility use permit and shall be a consideration for any future use. Deposits will be refunded upon the return of issued keys minus any charges assessed during the season.

Contact Us

For additional information about facility fees, charges, or deposits, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 281.403.8637 or email Kyle Frye.