Ball Moss

What It Is14.png

Ball moss is a pretty common site on many of Missouri City’s trees. It seems to thrive on many different species of host trees, and prefers colonizing in lower, dead branches. Ball moss is a plant that creates its own food and seems to prefer establishing on trees that are in a poor state of health. Ball moss is not known to kill trees, but severe colonization can prevent new bud and leaf growth, which limits the host trees growth potential.

How To Prevent It

A combination of proper pruning and chemicals can be used to prevent ball moss from over-colonizing your tree. Periodically prune out dead branches or those overwhelmed by ball moss. Hand picking the moss from the limbs can slow down the plant’s spread, but is a relatively ineffective long-term solution.

Texas Cooperative Extension recommends several chemicals that can be applied from February to May: these include Kocide DF, Blue Shield, and Champion. Always read a follow label application instructions carefully.