Ordinance Regulations

In 1981 Missouri City adopted a Zoning Ordinance to regulate the use of land. The ordinance classifies uses of land into zones of commercial, residential, and industrial districts. Uses in established zones are required to follow district regulations for allowances with regard to height, area, architecture, landscaping, signage, and other categories. 

Zoning establishes minimum standards for the use of land and promotes the health, safety, and general welfare of the city and its residents.

Zoning Districts

The city is divided into the following zoning districts as established by the city’s Zoning Ordinance.

RRural Single-Family Residential
R-1Single-Family Residential
R-1-ASingle-Family Residential
R-2Single-Family Residential
R-3Two-Family Residential
R-4Patio-Cluster Residential
R-5Townhouse Residential
R-6Condominium Residential
MF-1Multifamily Residential
MF-2Multifamily Residential
LCLocal Commercial
LC-0Local Commercial Office
LC-1Local Retail Restricted
LC-2Local Retail
BPBusiness Park
MHManufactured Home District
CFCommunity Facilities
PDPlanned Development

The Zoning Quick Reference Guide provides a table of the major requirements for each zoning district such as minimum lot size, setbacks, and allowable land uses. 

Planned Development Districts

The purpose of a planned development district is to provide an alternative to conventional zoning by permitting flexibility and innovation in design, density, placement of buildings, use of open spaces, circulation patterns, and off-street parking areas and to encourage a more creative approach in the development of land.

To locate an Planned Development District ordinance, please contact us with the PD and ordinance numbers.

PD, Planned Development Districts by number and related ordinances

Specific Use Permit

Approval of a Specific Use Permit is required in addition to a certificate of zoning compliance for certain uses.

To locate a Specific Use Permit ordinance, please contact us with the SUP and ordinance numbers. 

SUP, Specific Use Permits by number and related ordinances

Zoning Verification Letters

A verification request for zoning, variance or nonconforming use may be made through the submission of an application for Zoning Verification. A zoning verification letter can be provided to verify the current zoning of a property, indicate if a specified use is permitted, verify any approved Board of Adjustment variances for the subject property or verify if a nonconforming use has been identified for the subject property.

A zoning verification letter does not certify the conformance or non-conformance of existing structures.
A zoning verification letter does not detail certificates of occupancy or violations on the property. To obtain this information, please contact the City Secretary’s Office.
Please contact us to submit a zoning verification letter. 

Child Care Site Review

Approval of child care facilities in a home or in a commercial business requires a separate review and approval. Please contact us for more information or view the Commercial Change of Occupancy Form to begin the process.

Contact Us

For questions or to speak with staff, please contact the Planning & Development Division at planning@missouricitytx.gov or by calling (281) 403-8541.