TIRZ Board #2


Meetings are called on an as-needed basis.


The Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) Board #2 consists of seven members who serve in staggered two-year terms. Positions #1 through #5 are appointed by the Missouri City Council and positions #6 and #7 are reserved for other taxing units levying taxes within the zone. Current members are:

Board MemberPositionExpiration Date
Gloria LucasPosition 112/31/23
Kingsley IdemundiaPosition 212/31/24
Frank HesterPosition 3,  Chairman
Roy GilbertPosition 412/31/24
Buford JuricaPosition 512/31/23
DeWayne DavisPosition 6, Ft Bend Cty Rep.12/31/24
Thomasine JohnsonPosition 7, Ft Bend Cty Drainage Dist. Rep.12/31/21

Board Functions

TIRZ Board #2 makes recommendations to the City Council concerning the administration of the zone. They also prepare (or cause to be prepared) and adopt a project plan and reinvestment zone financing plan for the zone, and submit plans to the City Council for its approval.


New Candidate Application

If you are interested in serving the Missouri City TIRZ #2 Board, please submit an application to the City and it will be directed to City Council for consideration.  

Should you have any questions, please contact the City Secretary's Office.