City Council


  • 7:00 pm
  • First and Third Monday of each month
  • Community Center
    1522 Texas Pkwy.
    Missouri City, TX 77489

Documents included in Agenda Packets are subject to change, please contact the City Secretary Department if you have any questions.

MCTX Council to Resume In-Person Meetings

City Council voted to resume their meetings in-person beginning Monday, May 3. The meetings will be held at the Community Center in the City Hall Complex at 1522 Texas Pkwy. 

The location was moved from Council Chambers to the Community Center due to the current plan to renovate the room and also to accommodate more individuals and to effectively follow COVID-19 protocols including social distancing. All attendees are required to wear masks and have their temperature checked prior to entering the facility.  

Public Comments: Citizen Participation Registration

Those who wish to address City Council on agenda items or concerns not on the agenda must now attend the in-person meeting at the Community Center. The citizen participation registration form will be available and accepted in-person on the orange form.  

Upon arrival attendees should:

  • follow COVID-19 regulations; 
  • complete the orange "Citizen Participation Registration Form" that is available at the Community Center upon entrance from the Visitors Center; and 
  • present the form to the City Secretary prior to the beginning of the meeting.  
    • The City Secretary will be seated in the second row from City Council and will have a large sign which states "City Secretary."  

Citizens who wish to address the City Council about items on the agenda, which are scheduled for Council action, will have three (3) minutes to express their positions. Please indicate the agenda item number on which you wish to comment on the "Citizen Participation Registration Form.

Citizens wishing to address the City Council regarding a topic not on the agenda are afforded the same amount of time during the Public Comments section of the regular meeting agenda at 7:00 p.m. 

Please step to the microphone as soon as you are recognized by the Mayor, stating your name and address before beginning your presentation.

MCTX Council Meetings: Livestream

Residents who wish to listen or watch the meeting virtually may access the livestream during the meeting on the City website via this link: MCTV Livestream.

For questions, please contact the City Secretary’s office by email at or call 281.403.8500.

NEW Meeting Portal

The City has implemented a new Meeting Portal where citizens and stakeholders can access information about City Council and all other Boards, Committees and Commissions. Agendas, packets, minutes, agenda memos, supporting documents and more for all meetings past the date in the below table may be accessed by clicking the image/link below.

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Disclaimer: By clicking the image/link above you're now leaving the City Website:


Date Regular Meeting Special Meeting Video
01/18/2022     Regular Meeting
01/03/2022 Agenda & Packet Agenda & Packet Regular Meeting


Date Regular Meeting Special Meeting Video
12/20/2021 Agenda & Packet Agenda & Packet Regular Meeting
12/06/2021 Agenda & Packet Agenda & Packet Regular Meeting
11/30/2021   Agenda  
11/22/2021   Agenda  
11/15/2021 Agenda Agenda Video
11/09/2021   Agenda  
11/08/2021   Agenda  
11/01/2021 Agenda
10/18/2021 Agenda Agenda Video
10/04/2021 Agenda Agenda Video
09/22/2021   Agenda  
09/20/2021 Agenda Agenda  Video
09/07/2021 Agenda Agenda Video
08/30/2021   Agenda  
08/16/2021 Agenda Agenda Video
08/02/2021 Agenda Agenda Video
07/28/2021   Agenda Video
07/19/2021 Agenda Agenda  Video
07/06/2021 Agenda Agenda Video
06/23/2021   Agenda Video
06/22/2021   Agenda Video
06/21/2021 Agenda Agenda Video
06/15/2021   Agenda  
06/07/2021 Agenda Agenda Video
06/03/2021   Agenda  
05/20/2021   Agenda  
05/19/2021   Agenda  
05/18/2021   Agenda  
05/17/2021 Agenda
Agenda Video
05/12/2021   Agenda  
05/03/2021 Agenda Agenda Video
04/26/2021   Agenda  Video
04/22/2021   Agenda (Canceled)  
04/19/2021 Agenda Agenda Video
04/12/2021   Agenda Video
04/05/2021 Agenda Agenda Video
03/29/2021   Agenda  
03/20/2021   Agenda  
03/19/2021   Agenda  
03/15/2021 Agenda Agenda Video
03/01/2021 Agenda Agenda Video
02/21/2021   Agenda Video
02/15/2021 Agenda Agenda Video
02/08/2021   Agenda Video
02/01/2021 Agenda Agenda Video
01/19/2021 Agenda Video
01/14/2021   Agenda Video
01/11/2021   Agenda Video
01/04/2021 Agenda Agenda Video


Date Regular Meeting Special Meeting Video
12/21/2020 Agenda Agenda Video
12/07/2020 Agenda Agenda  Video
11/17/2020   Agenda Video
11/16/2020 Agenda   Video
11/02/2020 Agenda   Video
10/19/2020 Agenda Agenda Video
10/05/2020 Agenda Agenda Video
09/28/2020   Agenda Video
09/21/2020 Agenda
Agenda Packet

11a: Updated 
Resolution Exhibit

11c: Cover Memo &
Updated Resolution

Agenda Packet
09/08/2020 Agenda Agenda Video
08/17/2020 Agenda Agenda Video
08/03/2020 Agenda Agenda  Video
07/20/2020 Agenda Agenda  Video
07/16/2020   Agenda Video
07/13/2020   Agenda Video
07/06/2020 Agenda Agenda Video
06/24/2020   Agenda Video
06/23/2020   Agenda Video
06/22/2020   Agenda Video
06/15/2020 Agenda Agenda Video
06/08/2020   Agenda Video
06/05/2020   Agenda Video
06/01/2020 Agenda Agenda Video
05/26/2020   Agenda Video
05/18/2020 Agenda Agenda Video
05/15/2020   Agenda Video
05/14/2020   Agenda Video
05/13/2020   Agenda Video
05/12/2020   Agenda Video
05/08/2020   Agenda Video
05/04/2020 Agenda
Agenda Video
04/27/2020   Agenda Video
04/20/2020 Agenda Agenda Video
04/13/2020   Agenda Video
04/06/2020 Agenda Agenda Video
03/30/2020   Agenda Video
03/16/2020 Agenda Agenda Video
03/02/2020 Agenda Agenda Video
02/24/2020   Agenda  
02/17/2020 Agenda Agenda Video
02/10/2020   Agenda  
02/03/2020 Agenda Agenda Video
01/21/2020 Agenda Agenda Video
01/06/2020 Agenda Agenda Video
01/04/2020   Agenda  
01/03/2020   Agenda  


Date Regular Meeting Special Meeting Video
12/16/2019 Agenda Agenda Video
12/05/2019   Agenda Video
12/02/2019 Agenda Agenda Video
11/26/2019   Agenda Video
11/18/2019 Agenda Agenda Video
11/04/2019 Agenda Agenda Video
10/21/2019 Agenda Agenda Video
10/07/2019 Agenda Agenda Video
09/23/2019   Agenda  
09/21/2019   Agenda  
09/16/2019 Agenda
Agenda Video
09/07/2019   Agenda  
09/03/2019 Agenda Agenda Video
08/19/2019 Agenda Agenda Video
08/05/2019 Agenda Agenda Video
07/15/2019 Agenda Agenda Video
07/01/2019 Agenda Agenda Video
06/17/2019 Agenda Agenda Video
06/03/2019 Agenda Agenda  Video
05/20/2019 Agenda Agenda Video
05/13/2019   Agenda  
05/06/2019 Agenda Agenda  Video
04/15/2019 Agenda Agenda Video
04/01/2019 Agenda Agenda Video
03/18/2019 Agenda Agenda  Video
03/04/2019 Agenda Agenda Video
02/18/2019 Agenda  Agenda Video
02/09/2019   Agenda  
02/08/2019   Agenda  
02/04/2019 Agenda Agenda
01/28/2019   Agenda  
01/22/2019 Agenda Agenda Video
01/14/2019   Agenda  
01/07/2019 Agenda Agenda Video
01/03/2019   Agenda  

Requests for additional meeting agendas, packets, or minutes may be made to the City Secretary's Office by submission of a Public Information Request.