Mosquito Spraying

Program Details

The City of Missouri City's mosquito control program is a much requested service from the residents of Missouri City and is targeted to work towards environmentally friendly control of adult mosquitoes and prevention of mosquito breeding sites.

The city uses an ultra low volume spray method in an effort to help keep the adult mosquito population down. The ultra-low volume application is generally regarded as the most efficient method for controlling adult mosquitoes. The spray is applied, during the recommended time, in the early morning (pre-dawn) or at night when bees are not working blooms.

Contracted Work

The City uses a third party contractor for mosquitos control services. 

The Mosquito truck schedule is every Friday and Sunday from 9:00 pm to 5:00 am since May until the first week of November. The contractor uses Mosquito Mist Ultra. If rained out, they will be spraying the next day. 

Special Emphasis Areas

During the mosquito control period, the contractor will spray special emphasis areas. These areas include public parks, public drainage structures / ways, and areas where there is a high concentration of mosquito count. A high mosquito count is determined by trapping. The city does not trap mosquitoes, but relies on the assistance from Fort Bend County to trap in areas where there may be a concern for high mosquito population or West Nile Virus.

In addition to the once weekly spray application and special emphasis spraying, mosquito larvicide applications are done in standing water areas. This type of control measure is more selective and effective in reducing mosquito populations in parks with ponds or lakes and drainage ways and structures. Larviciding is done on an as needed basis.