Street Lights


The Public Works Department ensures that when a new subdivision or road is built the street lights are placed in accordance with its street light standards.

  • "In residential developments...street lights shall be evenly spaced and located on an average of 350 feet apart from one another. In no event shall street lights be installed so that they are closer than 200 feet or further than 500 feet apart..."

On occasion, however, there are instances when there is reason for placement of additional street lighting due to traffic related issues, sight distance concerns, or if the street lights were not space properly.

For more information please see the City's Streetlight Policy (PDF).

Request a Street Light

Any time a citizen feels that an additional street light is needed, whatever the reason, you may e-mail the Public Works Department or call at 281.403.8570 and we will investigate your concern and address it as quickly as possible. If a street light is warranted, a letter will be sent to CenterPoint Energy requesting the street light installation and a copy of the letter will be sent to the citizen making the request.

Street Light Outage

When a street light is out it can to be reported to CenterPoint Energy by calling 713.207.2222 or completing their Report a Streetlight Outage Form. Whether you choose to call or use the Internet you will be asked for an address and a pole number.

Tree Obstruction

Sometimes mature trees tend to obstruct street lights. This needs to be addressed by the citizens themselves as neither the city or CenterPoint Energy will trim trees that are obstructing street lights.