Financial Transparency

City Budget

Current Year: Fiscal Year 2024

The adopted budget for FY 2024 has been prepared in an effort to clearly communicate to the citizens and staff of the City the overall policies and goals of the City Council. The budget document includes descriptions of the various activities and programs (departments) of the City, and comparative service level indicators for each program or activity, where available.

Quarterly Investment Reports

To demonstrate our commitment to transparency and compliance with the City’s Investment Policy, Financial Services Department submits a copy of the Investment Report to the Council each quarter. 

This report includes:

  • A detailed description of the investment position of the City at the end of the quarter;
  • A summary statement of each pooled fund group that states beginning market value for the quarter, ending market value for the period and fully accrued interest for the period;
  • The book value and market value of each separately invested asset at the end of the quarter by the type of asset and fund type invested;
  • The maturity date of each separately invested asset that has a maturity date;
  • The fund or pooled group fund for which each individual asset was acquired;
  • The weighted average yield on each fund or pooled group;
  • A signed statement of compliance with the investment strategy established in this Investment Policy and by the Public Funds Investment Act.

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With the goal of achieving greater accountability through transparency, the City of Missouri City has embarked on a mission to empower citizens to track their tax dollars at work. This information provides details about how City funds are spent.

Sales Tax Reports

This report includes charts and graphs that reflect the General Fund and the METRO Fund sales tax collections by month; current year budget to actual (including rebates) collections by month and comparisons of sales tax collections growth rates of benchmark cities. The report also includes information on the City’s Economic Incentive Agreements (380 Agreements).

Budget to Actual Reports

This report summarizes the City’s General Fund budget position, including any approved amendments, and is presented on a cash basis. The report shows the current year’s actual revenue and expenditures compared to budgeted revenue and expenditures and provides an explanation of significant variances.

Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports

The Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) of the City of Missouri City, Texas, is published to provide the City Council, city staff, our citizens, our bondholders, and other interested parties with detailed information concerning the financial condition and activities of the city.

Revenue Manuals

The Revenue Manual is published to provide the City Council, city staff, our citizens, and other interested parties with detailed information concerning the City’s revenues.

Interactive Transparency Reporting

View financial data as graphs and charts with this interactive tool. It features easy-to-navigate graphics with data organized by category, department, government area, fund and vendor.

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