Who, What, Why?

The Communications Team is to educate and engage residents and stakeholders about City services and programs, to manage the City’s brand through innovative marketing and promotion campaigns and to assure the consistent, timely and transparent delivery of information through the citizens’ communications tools, media outlets, community portals and other partnerships.

This mission proactively positions the Team to align its functions with City Council and senior management directives and it allows the City to continuously enhance its strategic presence in the region, state, nation and world.

Six Primary Areas of Responsibility

  • MCTV-16
  • Public Information
  • Websites
  • Citizen Communications
  • Social Networking and Marketing
  • Other Special Projects

The Team strives to be the best in the nation at performing three core proficiencies: packaging and releasing information, broadcasting information, and providing access to information. 

These capabilities will help revolutionize data networks and collaborations between the City and constituencies on key issues such as the budget, public safety, capital improvement projects, economic development, planning and zoning, parks’ programs, public input meetings and other matters.

They will also help City Council and City officials to encourage and engage stakeholders in identifying solutions to address challenges facing local governments.