Open Data Initiative

The Missouri City Police Department and staff are committed to building strong and lasting relationships with its community. The department has made strides to interact with our citizens in more meaningful ways each year. The Missouri City Police Department is looking to go beyond our current Police to Citizen (P2C) portal to provide an even better glimpse into your police department’s inner workings. The Missouri City Police Department’s Open Data Initiative will provide greater transparency, build trust, and facilitate community engagement. The purpose of this program is to share information with the community on a variety of police subjects and activities, and general policy issues to include:

  • End of Year Report
  • Use of Force Incidents
  • Automobile Accidents
  • Citations
  • Arrests
  • Racial Profiling Data
  • Department Member Demographics

The MCPD Open Data Initiative is implemented with information contained in this web portal and through additional department and community feedback, we will continue to add information as it is developed. We believe that this initiative will increase trust and communication between the 150 sworn and civilian members of the Missouri City Police Department and the community with whom we live and serve. 

Click links below for each years' files: 
2022 Open Data Files
2021 Open Data Files
2020 Open Data Files
2019 Open Data Files
2018 Open Data Files
2017 Open Data Files
2016 Open Data Files
2015 Open Data Files

Please understand the following conditions will allow you to get the most out of the data provided.

  • Due to the methodological differences in data collection, different data sources may produce different results.
  • Searches may be accomplished using several geographic boundaries. Additionally, a known case number may be entered.
  • Due to several factors (offense reclassification, reported versus occurred dates, etc.) comparisons should not be made between numbers generated with this database to any other official police reports. Data provided represents only calls for police service where a report was written.
  • Totals in the database may vary considerably from official totals following investigation and final categorization. Therefore, the data should not be used for comparisons with Uniform Crime Report statistics.
  • The Missouri City Police Department does not assume any liability for any decision made or action taken or not taken by the recipient in reliance upon any information or data provided.

Mike Berezin, Chief of Police

Missouri City Police Department