Program Overview

In May, 2010, 54.57 percent of voters citywide cast ballots to support a consolidated municipal trash program. The following August, Missouri City Council Members voted to approve the establishment of a Municipal Solid Waste Program. Then, on Nov. 1, the transition to a consolidated program began with the implementation of a Council-approved five-year contract with Republic Services. Republic’s contract expired on Dec. 31, 2015 and the City entered into a new contract phase with WCA Waste Corp. starting Jan. 1, 2016; service to residents and businesses became effective Jan. 4.

The seven-year agreement with WCA was authorized by City Council on July 20, 2015 and is for residential (Ordinance No. O-15-46), commercial (Ordinance No. O-15-47) and municipal solid waste and recyclable collection materials. The deal also provides for Missouri City to collect a franchise fee of 5 percent of gross receipts from WCA.

Residential contract customers will pay a $12.56 household base rate and will receive the following services:

  • Solid Waste: Provided twice per week
    Per City ordinance service will be provided between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.
  • Curbside Recycling: Provided every-other-week
    Recyclable materials do not include glass or pizza boxes. Both items may be disposed of in the blue solid waste container.
  • Bulk Waste: Provided every-other-week
  • Yard Waste: Provided weekly
  • Curbside holiday tree pickup during the month of January
    Trees will be picked up on Bulk collection days
  • Service provided with environment-friendly CNG (compressed natural gas) trucks
Additionally, as the WCA solid waste service includes curbside recycling, the City’s recycling drop-off center will permanently close on Feb. 29, 2016.

Subdivisions that are paying less than they would for the City service were authorized to remain under their existing plan and will continue to do so until their base rate is not lower than the City’s base rate. Subdivisions that were paying more than they would have under the City contract were transferred onto the municipal plan.

Penalties may be assessed to WCA if services are not provided in accordance with the City contract.

The consolidation of the City’s waste collection contract was done to ensure that residents have the most efficient and economical service available.

Currently, Missouri City’s solid waste collection contract with WCA covers most of the area homes. Any neighborhoods developed after 2007 are required to be on the City’s contract but older neighborhoods had the option to choose their own service.