City Values

After months of discussion with employee groups, individuals, City Council and our Leadership Team, on April 6, 2017, our organization embraced a new City Mission, Vision, Credo and Code of Ideals. These statements describe the organization that we aspire to be. Guided by them, we strive to create a culture where employees feel valued, where we plan together for our future, where we encourage one another to be innovative and engaged and where everyone feels empowered to offer solutions to improve our organization. During an organization-wide Employee Breakfast, a group of employees spoke about what each Strategic Statement means to them. They helped us to put into words how each of these statements can be witnessed, every day, in the jobs that we do.

Assistant City Manager Scott Elmer spoke to our ultimate Vision: To be known and recognized as a superior municipal organization. Director of Parks and Recreation, Jason Mangum, reminded us that regardless of job or department, we all share the passion to serve our community, and that we all contribute to achieving our Mission: To deliver outstanding customer service to all members of our diverse community. Fire & Rescue Services Chief Eugene Campbell, Jr. rallied us to join forces and to multiply our efforts by embracing our Credo: Together, we excel!

Johnny Crump, Fleet Mechanic II, spoke to us about Service. He told us that we each have the ability to be of Service to one another each day in ways small and large. Yichi Liu, GIS Specialist, shared an entertaining story of Professionalism through stretching out of your comfort zone to learn and improve and to always ensure the highest standards for our products. Robert Rooda, Desktop Services Specialist II, described how important Integrity is for him in his role, for all of IT as a department and for each of us in our roles as public servants. MCPD Det. Lisa Yates-Porovecchio spoke to the essential role that Respect plays in her collaborations with citizens in our community. MCPD Officer Robert Lawson, a member of the City’s

Motorcycle Unit, shared that Innovation takes many different shapes and is found not only in the world of technology but, rather, is something we can all strive towards. And, Fire & Rescue Services Lt. John Wallace described Teamwork in terms of the vital role it plays for firefighters.

Our City’s Mission, Vision, Credo and Code of Ideals are not simply words. These statements describe the best of who we already are as an organization and what we aspire to become. To affect the change we wish to see, we must all take them to heart and hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable to striving toward them every day.

Together, we excel!

Code of Ideals CARD