About MVP

Maintain Missouri City

Missouri City’s dedication to citizen partnerships is one of the many ways that the “Show Me City” has been recognized as one of “America’s Best Places to Live” by CNN Money Magazine. In keeping with the City’s goal of community collaboration, staff launched a comprehensive and unified City-wide Municipal Volunteer Program (MVP) in 2014 that incorporates all departments and staff, including Animal Services. From special one-time event volunteers to ongoing partners, community partnerships have thrived under the umbrella of the citywide initiative. For all projects, there is a common goal: Maintain Missouri City.


The mission of Missouri City’s Volunteer Program is to facilitate citizen partnerships between City departments and talented volunteers within the community. The program is a way for staff to continue to follow the values and missions set in place by the City Charter and Council through the assistance of a wide variety of volunteer activities and projects.


  • Allow citizens from all parts of the City a hands-on opportunity to assist all City departments accomplish their goals and initiatives
  • Recruit volunteers who want to assist others and help improve their communities
  • Assist staff in the promotion of the volunteer program and recruit additional volunteers
  • Continue the City’s dedication to its “Scenic City” status through cleanup opportunities and green initiatives
  • Provide staff objective input and recommendations through the creation of a Citizen Volunteer Committee
  • Provide training and appropriate instructional aide to all volunteers and volunteer coordinators

Volunteer Program Guidelines

  • All volunteers must report their hours each week to their department supervisor.
  • Volunteers are to adhere to the specific instructions and guidelines given to them by their department supervisor. Volunteers should obtain permission and specific instructions by their supervisor if they wish to add more duties and responsibilities to their workload.
  • Volunteers are not allowed access to secure City offices or departments without staff supervision.
  • Volunteers will not be given access to IT-related City programs or documents unless directly approved by both Human Resources and IT.
  • All City information learned while volunteering is to remain confidential unless otherwise notified by members of the City’s Communications team.
  • Volunteers are to not speak with the media or share sensitive City information via social media or other avenues, unless otherwise instructed. Please direct any and all media inquiries to the Communications Department.
  • Volunteers are not permitted to document their work or take photographs and videos without approval of their supervisor.