How do I schedule an inspection?

For building-related inspections, the General Contractor is responsible for scheduling all inspections.

Schedule Using MCTX Self-Service

If you are a contact on the permit application

  • Log into the online MCTX Self-Service portal.
  • Select “Dashboard” then select “View my permits” or select “My Work”.
  • If you see the permit you are looking for, click on the associated “Permit Number”; If you do not see the permit you are looking for, try filtering your search by changing the type of Display; the type of Records; and/or the date range “In”.
  • Select “Inspections” or locate the inspection type in the “Available Actions”. Select the inspections needed to start the process to schedule.
  • Please note that inspections cannot be scheduled until a permit has been issued. Certain inspection types require approval or completion of a prerequisite inspection. Please confirm that all prerequisites are cleared before trying to schedule an inspection.

Schedule Using General Inspection Request Line(s)

  • Commercial: 281-403-8551
  • Residential: 281-403-4390

To schedule a fire permit-related inspection, please call 281-403-4311.

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