Do I need a permit for signage?

Generally, yes; although there are some signs that are conditionally exempt while some signs require the issuance of a permit. The city regulates the use of signage in a manner that promotes safety, the efficient transfer of information, and the protection of public welfare by enhancing the appearance and economic value of the landscape.  The regulations provide for signage that does not create traffic hazards or nuisance while allowing businesses to identify themselves and customers are able to locate them.

Conditionally exempt signs include: 

  • A-Frame
  • Directional
  • Flag
  • Garage Sale
  • Political
  • Real Estate
  • Residential Contractor Identification
  • Vehicle
  • Warning
  • Window

Signs that require the issuance of a permit include:

  • Awning
  • Canopy
  • Changeable Message
  • Construction site (temporary)
  • Entry
  • Model Home Directional (temporary)
  • Monument
  • Off-Premises
  • Searchlight
  • Special Event
  • Temporary Display (i.e., Banners) (temporary)
  • Theater
  • Vacant Property (temporary)
  • Wall

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