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CARES Act - Resident Application

  1. Missouri City is committed to assisting individuals impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. Rental and/or utility assistance has been authorized by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). Complete the form below to enroll in the program. The website is the best and most efficient method to enroll in the program, however if you are unable to access the web or internet you may call the program call center at 281.403.8690 and one of our caseworkers can assist you. You only need to enter the information once for your household.

  2. Please enter your Last name, First name.

  3. Mortgage / Landlord / Lease Information

    For the following enter the contact information for either your mortgage company (if you are a homeowner with a mortgage), or your landlord, (if you are a tenant renting or leasing). Note: You must enter your Mortgage or Landlord’s contact information.

  4. Program Information

  5. Are you a resident of the City of Missouri City, Texas? (required)*

      1. Have you received rental, mortgage or utility assistance from any other government programs in the past 3 months (March, April or May)? (this does not include the stimulus check received) (required)*

          1. What type of assistance are you in need of?

          2. Are you able to pay your current month’s mortgage or rent? (required)*

              1. Based upon your current outlook, will you be able to pay your October rent? NOTE: This does not impact your eligibility for assistance. (required)*

                  1. Is your inability to pay rent or mortgage for June 2020 and/or July 2020 due to financial hardship resulting from the economic impact of COVID-19 as indicated by a loss or reduction of employment? (required)*

                      1. Household Information

                      2. Utilities

                      3. Are you requesting Utility payment assistance?

                          1. Is your current and most recent utility (ies) bill past due?

                              1. If Yes, then check (or select) which type (can select multiple):

                              2. Required Documentations (PLEASE Upload Or Mail)

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                              3. By checking the following agreement and submitting this online form, I/we certify that the information provided is true and complete to the best of my/our knowledge. I/we further certify that all information furnished in support of this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. False statements will result in your application being rejected. I/we understand that the information submitted will be verified prior to approval.

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