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Submit a Smoke Detector Request

  1. Smoke Detector Battery Replacement or Installation

    The Missouri City Fire & Rescue Services (MCFRS) team offers this as a courtesy service. The team's priority schedules consist of working within an active 9-1-1 system, continual training and educational community events. Smoke detector requests are a courtesy service we provide and will be fulfilled as a courtesy.  

    • If you are able to provide your own detector or batteries we would be happy to assist in installation. 
    • For homeowners that may have trouble financially, we can provide (donated) smoke detectors and batteries. 
    • Providing your own units/batteries will hlep us further this asssitance program throughout the community for those in need.
    • In an effort to prevent damage to home interiors, smoke detector assistance is limited to 12 foot ceilings.
    • Team will only install battery operated smoke detectors; For hard-wired detectors you will need to contact your alarm company.
    • Rental property smoke detectors are the responsibility of the home owner or landlord.
  2. Requestor Information
  3. MCFRS team will reach out at this number, so please ensure that it is a working number. 

  4. Details about the Request
  5. Check the type of assistance needed*

    Note: Smoke Detectors typically use 9 volt batteries.

  6. Details about the Home
  7. Please note exceptions below where the team WILL NOT provide smoke detectors or change items.

    Newly Built Homes: Buildings that are new (0-10 yrs old) often have hard-wired smoke detectors installed. If you haveone of these systems, they may require more than justthe recommended 6 month back-up batteryreplacement. The smoke detector itself, and not itsbattery, may require replacement. Please read yourmanual to call an electrician or contact you alarmcomplany if needed.

    Renters: If you are a renter, please contact your landlord. Smoke detectors are to be provided by the property owner. Texas law makes landlords responsible for installing and maintaining smoke detectors in their units. There should be at least one smoke detector outside each bedroom. We do not provide units to renter.

  8. Time & Date
  9. At least 3 days of advance notice is required.

  10. Best time of the day*
  11. Reminder:  Please note the dates and times are considered as a request only. Although you have submitted a workable date/time range above, due to the nature of the firefighter's day and schedule, it might vary or be rescheduled. However, someone from the team will contact you with more details on the submitted time and availability.

  12. If your request is urgent and you do not have working smoke detectors, please call 713-906-6279.
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